4 Tips to Stay on Track During the Weekend

Sometimes the weekend are a struggle to stay on track and stay focused on reaching your long term health goals... here are 4 tips to staying on track during the weekend.

 I don’t always eat 100% on track and keto friendly...   

It’s true! I like to splurge (but I believe that you can get results with the right tools WITHOUT starving and feeling deprived )

You know this mama likes her tacos

And there are a few things that help... so I can stay in my skinny jeans and enjoy the weekend - without feeling guilty!

Here’s what’s helping me the most:

1- Natural vitamins that block the bad side effects after I eat carbs & unhealthy trans fats  Yes, you can avoid the bloat, cravings, and weight gain with just an easy swap. Click Here for More Info

2-Simple healthy swaps so that I can have my skinny mocha or keto hot chocolate that gives me healthy fats that CRUSH and sugar cravings as well as gives me chocolate superfoods (because I don’t want to eat salads all day long ) and help me stay full for hoursssss. Yup yup.

3- Keeping my pantry stocked with yummy low carb foods!

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